6 Scrub Tops to Bring Out Your Wild Side

It’s summertime and IT IS HOT.

The first moment you step outside, you welcome the warmth on your skin, but stay outside a moment longer and the sun and humidity can be oh-so-cruel! At least here in Florida, we know how unbearable it can even be to walk from your driveway to your front door, but spending Summer indoors just wouldn’t be right!

Lucky for us, there are plenty of ways to embrace the change in weather: starting the morning early before the sun gets too strong, drinking infused water (lemon with raspberry is my favorite!), and making a little change to your wardrobe. At Medical Scrubs Mall, there are countless designs that capture the outdoors perfectly: adventure and style in tow. This week, we’ll venture more on the wild side…

Animal prints look great on everyone, so bring out your wild side with these cute scrub tops featuring my favorite animal prints! From subtle to loud, to elegant and proud, let’s see what prints will make you stand out from the crowd.

1. A little here, a little there, we definitely see spots on there. “Lovely to Meet Zoo” from Cherokee.


2. This zebra print from heartsoul can’t be missed. Believe me, though, I woke up like this.


3. “Spot the Leopard” from Cherokee has a subtle colorful touch, but certainly not too much.


4. Now, make way! Stand back! “Floral Cheetah” is coming through. This Cherokee top is in full bloom.

5. Looking for a top that’s lovely and sweet? Heartsoul’s “Prowl Do You Do” is here for you.


6. You know Sofia Vergara had you in mind when designing this print. It’s charming. It’s bold. “La Vida Leopard” from Careisma.


Our selection of animal prints can’t be beat—it’s Summer after all, so bring on the heat! Share your favorite looks with us below!

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