5 Easy Ways to be a Greener Healthcare Professional

April-2017_Earth-Day.jpgThe “go green” movement has been around for a while. With Earth Day coming up (April 22nd), it’s the perfect opportunity to start a few greener practices at work!  To help you get started we’ve listed 5 tips and help you as a healthcare professionals live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Whether you do something on this list or not, remember that no matter what small thing you do to help the environment, you’re making a difference!

  1. Hang Your Scrubs to Dry

There are millions of dryers in the U.S. alone, each emitting a ton of carbon dioxide per year. Air dry your scrubs will help you save energy and money.  (Plus your scrubs will last longer without the wear and tear of the dryer!)

  1. Pay Your Bills Online

Sign up for electronic bills and say good-bye to overflowing mailboxes! Online bill pay is so easy once you get started.  Our trees will thank you.

  1. Reuse your Coffee Grinds

Let’s be honest, caregivers are coffee lovers. Put those used grinds to use in your garden. You can use them to control weed growth, erosion, pest control and so much more!

  1. Buy Sustainable Scrubs

Do you know that enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth 4 times? That is almost inconceivable but you can do your part to help. Buy sustainable scrubs like Barco One, each set is made from 10 recycled plastic bottles

  1. Bring Your Own Water Bottle to Work

Instead of using paper cups or buying bottles of water, bring your own!  An insulated stainless steel water bottle will keep water cold for hours on end.  Hydrate responsibly.

Do you have any simple ways to help the earth? Share with us below and Happy Earth Day!

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