7 Tips for Planning that Much-Needed Vacation

March-2017_VacataionSpring has arrived and we’re all excited for better weather and that long-awaited vacation time!  And with a few of our helpful tips below, you’ll be on your way to a stress-free, fun-filled vacation you’ll enjoy.

1. Make a list. Traveling is stressful enough especially with the fear of forgetting something (happens every time). Make a list of your must-haves and to-dos before you leave, this way you won’t forget your ID and the dog will be fed.

2. Clean the house before you go. Coming home to a clean house helps with the post-vacation blues AND the dreaded process of unpacking.

3. Research popular restaurants and things to do. Don’t narrow the list down too much—you want to be flexible because you never know what you may feel like doing one day!

4. Plan a day that focuses on local flair. Get outside of your comfort zone and explore new things, this is what travelling is all about – ask the locals for suggestions.

5. Less is More. Pack your essentials and leave room for the goodies you will bring back.

6. Going on a road trip? Fill up on gas, snacks, and water. Then grab your favorite tunes and movies for the long car ride. Heck, you can even get into character with your kids if you have the corresponding Tooniforms print! Frozen, Winnie the Pooh, Mickie, Nemo…you name it.

7. Start the trip off with the mentality you’re going to unplug, and unwind. Enjoy your time away from work and responsibilities. Leave your phone in the room. Lay on the beach. Forget what time it is.

Have any good tips to share?

Comment below, we’d love to hear from our fellow wanderlusters!


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