How to Have an Amazing Galentine’s Get Together

February 2017_Galentine's Day.jpgThis blog goes to all my fellow ladies out there! The topic: Galentine’s Day.  (if you haven’t heard of this awesome day, it was invented by one of my favorite TV shows to binge watch – Parks and Recreation). Taking place on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day is a great day to cherish the love you have for your gal pals whether you’re single, taken, or labeled “it’s complicated.” So grab your fellow nurse friends and make some plans because this Galentine’s Day is for all the ladies!

  1. Potluck Brunch or Dinner

There is no better way to bond with friends than through food! Bring your favorite dish and drinks and prepare for nonstop laughter with your girls. We’re talking mimosas with a side of brunch sesh.

  1. Movie Marathon

Grab the popcorn and candy and prepare for a day with your favorite chicks and flicks! The Notebook? Magic Mike? The possibilities are endless, and let’s be honest who doesn’t love a good RomCom or Channing Tatum dance performance?

  1. Get Crafty

Pinterest is the best place to find craft ideas. So find your favorites, sit down and get crafting. This party will need the ultimate girl’s playlist (Cyndi Lauper, Shania Twain, and Spice Girls are a must)!

  1. Wine Tasting

Find the closest vineyard and take a trip with the girls. Or host a winetasting party on your couch. Either way, the best wines are the ones that we drink with our friends.

  1. Galentine’s Gifts

First rule about a Galentine’s party: don’t come empty handed. Little gifts are a must! See some of our favorite ideas below, plus all nurses love compression socks.

  1. Pamper Party

This party includes face masks and nail polish. Come in pajamas and spend quality time with your lady friends while you pamper yourselves!

  1. GNO (Girl’s Night Out)

This one is for those who love to get dressed up and go dancing! Put on your little black dress, your favorite pair of heels, and have a girl’s night out. Cyndi Lauper knows best, girls just wanna have fun.

What’re your favorite ways to celebrate Galentine’s with your friends? Share with us below!

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