5 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving at Work

november-2016-thanksgiving-work-bashI’m pretty sure Thanksgiving dinner is one of everyone’s favorite meals.  As silly as it sounds, most of us look forward to spending all day stuffing our faces and wearing stretchy pants (insert nap here). But sometimes we have to work right around the Thanksgiving holiday, which makes the anticipated food-coma out of arms reach.  So what can you do? Set up a Thanksgiving bash for you and your co-workers at the hospital or office to make it feel like home (minus the coma part)!

And here, my fellow cornucopia cravers, are some ways to set up the perfect “Works-Giving” bash:

  1. Organize a Potluck

What is Thanksgiving without food? Make a sign-up sheet for your floor and ask each of your co-workers to bring in their favorite Thanksgiving dish! With a little teamwork, your favorite co-workers and a good microwave… your lunch break will feel like Thanksgiving dinner! Don’t forget the Martinell’s Sparkling Apple Cider.

  1. Create a “Thank You” Board

This is a great idea to remember what the day is all about, giving and being thankful. Make a board or designate a wall where you, your co-workers and your patients can write down and post what they are thankful for this holiday season.

  1. Share Your Favorite Recipes

Piggyback on the “Thank You” board idea and bring in copies of your favorite recipes to share. This can give you great recipe ideas for your potluck or even for the make-up Thanksgiving you are having after your shift.

  1. Give Back with Your Co-Workers

Help by giving back to your community by partaking in a volunteer activity as a group. A collective effort to help others like a canned food drive, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or donating food to the local homeless shelter always helps you appreciate what you have.

  1. Treat Yourself with Retail Therapy on the Job

It is time to reward yourself for all that hard work with some shopping! Black Friday scrub shopping online is the easiest thing ever. Especially if you’re at work (don’t tell your boss).  Make sure to follow us on Facebook and sign up for emails to stay on top of our awesome deals!

All of us at Medical Scrubs Mall want to say THANK YOU to all of our loyal customers. You have made it a great year for us and we appreciate everything you do. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving and holiday season!

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