The Weirdest Halloween Treats Ever

Halloween is right around the corner, and while you don’t like to keep candy in the house, you can’t help but look forward to helping yourself to leftover Halloween candies!


But sometimes the treats can take a weird turn.

As a kid, I only had one experience with weird treats, so I asked some friends for input on any ridiculous treats they received while trick-or-treating as a kid.  It didn’t take long for us to come up with a hilarious list of 13 of most ridiculous Halloween handouts people have actually received!

So here goes nothing, these treats were definitely tricks:

  1. Ramen Noodles

I mean, everyone loves the occasional Chicken Ramen, but it’s Halloween I am on a sugar only diet!

  1. Animal treats

A good idea in theory but they can easily be mistaken for human food…oops…that wasn’t a cookie.

  1. Floss

This one is so practical! Shout out to all the dentists, dental hygienists and assistants who care about our teeth this much. But this is a letdown for the kids.  Can we take a break from flossing our pearly whites for just ONE night?

  1. Band aids

You forgot the candy to hand out and that’s when desperation sets in. *cue running around the house* “What can we give them, what can we give them?!” *cue idea* “The Costco size box of Band-Aids can go!” (at least this treat won’t hurt anyone)

  1. Easter candy leftovers

If you are getting egg shaped Reese’s or hollow chocolate bunnies – you may not want to eat these. Easter usually falls in March/April and it is now October/November.  Way to keep up with the holidays.

  1. Ketchup packs

If you love ketchup, like me, giving out ketchup packets is like candy. But that’s being a serious cheapskate.  McDonald’s is calling. They want their condiments back.

  1. Raisins

Normal raisins, not even chocolate covered? Let’s go to the next house.

  1. Coupon cutouts

I can appreciate a good coupon here and there. However, I don’t think little kids understand the purpose of coupons.  And honestly, I am impressed if you have 50+ unexpired coupons to hand out that aren’t for toilet paper rolls and cleaning products.

  1. A crayon

Crayons are probably a good idea for a certain age but they could be mistaken as candy. Or they could be used as graffiti throughout the house (Mom’s worst nightmare).

  1. Make-up samples

I don’t think anyone that is trick or treating uses beauty products or wants them as a candy replacement. We all have our priorities and mine is still candy over beauty products.

  1. Spider rings

What’s the purpose of spider rings? These plastic spider rings can be decoration but please do not throw these into my trick or treat pillow case.  Plus, they can be a choking hazard for kids!

  1. Popcorn filled gloves

More times than not popcorn filled gloves are from the Halloween party that happened last weekend. Super stale. Refer to number one (sugar diet only), can we make gloves full of Reese’s pieces or something?  Not to mention, Mom always said don’t take homemade treats or open candies when trick-or-treating.  It’s dangerous.

Last but not least…

  1. Juice Boxes

I’m sorry to break it to you, juice, you are not candy and are currently taking up precious room in my treat bag.  We must part ways on this holiday.

What is the weirdest treat you have received on Halloween? Comment below and let us know!

By the way, Medical Scrubs Mall also has some awesome Halloween scrub tops and prints that serve perfectly to wear to work and on Halloween!  It’s fun to stay in the “spirit” of the season…

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