5 Things That Make Back to School Shopping the Best


The end of vacation always comes too quickly, especially if the looming thought of going back to school is what’s bringing your summer break to a close. But then again there is a silver lining in getting back into the swing of things…back to school shopping of course!

Middle school, high school, nursing school, you name it, everyone loves back to school shopping.  I’m talking gel pens, colored notebooks, dividers (pass the label-maker please) – but there is so much more to get excited about.

Thinking of all the things I loved about back to school inspired me to pick the brains of coworkers in the office, fellow nursing school friends, and family members to see what they loved about back to school shopping. Why? Because it’s fun to reminisce (or find a reason to look forward to) the back to school season. And… who doesn’t love a random, nostalgic list?

  1. Sales

Sales are like candy. There is no sweeter way to shop, and it is so hard to resist indulging in a good bargain!  Don’t need anything for school? Who cares! The sale is happening now and there is no time to lose. Things are always better when they’re on sale aren’t they?

  1. First Day Outfit

The first day of school is prime time to debut your post-summer tan. It’s your moment to dress to impress for your crush, new friends, old friends, and basically everyone.  Lucky for you, a clean, crisp pair of brand new scrubs is just a click away.

  1. Shopping with Friends

Back to school shopping is a great way to catch up with your close friends.  You get to bond over hours of retail therapy while simultaneously complaining about having to go back to tests, homework, and over-highlighted textbooks.  Retail therapy: the be-all, end-all cure to everything.

  1. School Supplies (my favorite part)

Nothing says back to school like a new trendy backpack to fill with your favorite school supplies. Oldies but goodies like colored pencils, glitter gel pens, unused #2 pencils, Lisa Frank everything, and a binder of your fave pictures on the cover were highlights of my back to school shopping days.

  1. New Shoes Anyone?

Back to school shopping is the perfect reason to get that fresh pair of kicks. Because we all know there is no such thing as having too many shoes. For me, the perfect shoe has the style and comfort combo. Click away for a huge selection of medical shoes that will keep your feet looking and feeling their best.


What do you (or did you) love about back to school shopping? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you and reminisce together.

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