No more nursing school scrubs!

Thank you to Jeanette White from for this wonderful guest post! Enjoy 🙂

No more nursing school scrubs! As a new nurse you will never forget the moment that you go into a scrubs store to try on your uniform. Finally, I was allowed to purchase scrubs that had quality, fit my body, and bring me comfort.

Now that I am employed and have some experience  working, I have noticed the importance of buying the right scrubs that fit your job and body type of course.5026_YELLO I work in the ICU and what I carry on the normally include: forceps, bandage scissors, pens, markers, pens, pencils, flushes, tape, etc. Quickly, you realize
that your preference may be to purchase tops or scrub bottoms that provide enough pocket space. I LOVE my side pockets on my right leg and feel all out of whack when I reach down and realize my scrub pants for the day lack the pant pocket. (I now know to only purchase pants with side pockets.) Looking at my work scrub collection, I have noticed I really like scrubs by WonderWink. I own two of their scrubs sets both the Wonder Wink Origins and WonderWink Flex.  Their scrubs have a good amount of pockets and their material is flexible. I enjoy scrubs that are on the looser side, because well I don’t want to feel tight for 13 hours at work.

WCK1124_ROYALorking in the ICU, every day is a different day. Patient’s with all types of critical acuity issues, as well as in any moment a code could be called. I have learned that with my body type I really love the high waist/yoga band scrub bottom. Not only does it feel comfortable and less restrictive as the draw string scrubs, it allows extra coverage in case you ever have to initiate compressions during cardiac arrest. One of my most favorite scrub bottoms are by Cherokee. Their Infinity scrubs set have a very comfortable yoga type of waist band.

In addition to not knowing what type of patient you may have I have learned to always wear an undershirt and bring a jacket. I have found myself needing a jacket at times, and when things are really busy the need to lose a layer. My everyday jacket is made by Smitten. I absolutely adore the soft, active wear fabric. On my neck collar I love to display my Give Life pin, which is a constant reminder of how precious life is, and being an organ donor.

The iFitNurse blog and YouTube channel documents the journey of me getting into and successfully completing nursing school. Now iFitNurse is a new grad working in the ICU and now shares helpful tips for nurses. The blog and YouTube channel is a hub of helpful tips to help others succeed in nursing. 

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