Valentine’s Day in Scrubs

Holidays as a medical professional can be tricky. You obviously know this if you’re a nurse, doctor, veterinary assistant. Whether you have to be on call, or work late hours, it can make it difficult to celebrate in the traditional ways that you may have been used to before your medical career. BUT not to worry, because we believe that there are lots of ways to indulge in the upcoming day of love, a.k.a. Valentine’s Day while you’re still caring for others! Here are some fun suggestions for you to spread the love this February 14 that we hope you enjoy!

Cute holiday scrubs! If you have to be wearing scrubs that day, you might as well show some spirit. Here’s some favorite scrub tops with heart prints that may bring a smile to your patients’ faces.

medical scrubs mall
HeartSoul Scrubs Gimme A Kiss Black Mock Top
medical scrubs mall
Cherokee Basics Heartbeat V-Neck Print Scrub Top
medical scrubs mall
Cherokee Infinity Scrubs Love To Love You Scrub Top

Exchange cards with your patients. Remember how awesome it was to exchange valentines with everyone in class when you were in elementary school? Well, why not do something similar with all the people you work with and your patients! You can even print out cards on regular paper and tape some candy (or healthy food) as a sweet surprise. You never know, it may really make someone’s day!

Free printables from Project Nursery
Free printables from Project Nursery

 Valentine’s breakfast. If it’s a special date you’re afraid of missing because of a late work schedule, set up a special breakfast! Take your valentine to a diner you’ve never visited or make them breakfast at home with extra love. Breakfast can be just as romantic as dinner, plus then you’ll be filled with the memories of your fun date all day at work!


Buy yourself something! If you’re a Valentine’s Day scrooge, do something for yourself that will make you happy. Treat yourself to a nice lunch or buy yourself something to wear that day, like the best nursing shoes. As you walk around all day, you’ll feel good that you still did something special for yourself, even if you’re not in the mood to partake in old-fashioned activities.

We hope these tips help for your upcoming Valentine’s Day. And don’t forget, you can always find more nursing uniforms at Medical Scrubs Mall. How do you like to celebrate V-day? Serving others or eating lots of candy, or both!? We’d love to hear!

-Sarah K

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