image Which Cherokee Scrubs Collections Are Right for You?

We pride ourselves on being able to offer one of the largest selection of Cherokee scrubs online at Medical Scrubs We have nearly 500 Cherokee items to choose from in a beautiful range of colors and styles! We work hard to provide so many Cherokee medical scrubs because we know how much you love their durable and reliable products.

Another great thing about the Cherokee brand is all the different collections it has launched over the years. However, at first glance it can be hard to tell which collection you’re going to like best. Luxe, Flexibles, Workwear…what exactly are the differences? So today we’d like to break it down and talk about some of the most popular collections (there are more) and the differences between them, so you can decide which you want to try first!

Cherokee Workwear     The most popular line by far, our Workwear selection includes styles from Original Workwear, Workwear Core Stretch and Workwear Flex. The entire Workwear collection is built for lasting comfort with more styles, fabrics and color choices than any other scrubs. You can’t go wrong with Workwear due to its easy-care fabric, rich colors, and essential pocket features. It’s a very easy-to-wear collection that will perform all day and never let you down. The newest collection, Workwear Flex, offers you the quality and durability you love about Cherokee Workwear Scrubs, plus its Certainty® fabrication.

Quick Look Features:

  • Lots of pockets
  • Durable
  • New WW Flex collection is made with Certainty®
  • Tall and petite sizes
medical scrubs workwear
NEW WorkWear Flex Collection

Cherokee Flexibles     The Flexibles collection gives you the best of both worlds with stretchy side panels and slimming details. These easy-to-wear styles were created for on-the-job performance, are naturally slimming, and undeniably comfortable. A variety of pockets will hold all of your medical supplies and most styles in this line are made with soil- release fabric. Professionals love this collection in solids, prints, and maternity scrubs.

Quick Look Features:

  • Stretchy side paneling
  • Trendy color-blocking styles
  • Comes in maternity styles
  • Great prints

Infinity by Cherokee     Infinity by Cherokee is an athletic-inspired lifestyle collection, and its modern styling and innovative designs offer fit-to-flattering detailing. In other words, it’s great for moving around a lot while still holding its shape! The scrub tops have extra stretch and center back panels made from high-quality knit and the pants come in both low-rise and straight leg styling. Another important detail about Infinity is that it’s made with Certainty® fabric technology. *This antimicrobial technology provides long-lasting freshness and reliable protection against unwanted bacteria. The wrinkle resistant stretch fabric used for this collection provides infinite movement and moisture wicking and anti-static properties. You can check out our colors, prints, and styles of Infinity here.

Quick Look Features:

  • Certainty® fabric technology
  • Athletic-inspired
  • Modern styling
Cherokee infinity
Style# CK2629SL

Cherokee Luxe     If you’re looking for something that’s luxuriously comfortable, this is the collection for you! Cherokee made these styles to be incredibly soft and comfortable with two-way stretch fabric, classic styling, and lush colors. We offer items from this collection in sizes for men, women and juniors.

Quick Look Features:

  • Soft stretch fabric
  • Lush colors
  • Classic styles

Cherokee Tooniforms     If the name doesn’t already give it away, Tooniforms are the most playful print scrubs out there! We have a range of Cherokee Tooniforms with characters from your favorite Disney cartoons, Hello Kitty, Marvel comics and more. This line is perfect if you work in pediatrics, bringing a smile to your patients’ faces every day. Tooniform scrubs come in modern body-flattering styles like mock wraps and contrast trims and convenient features like pockets for storage and side slits for ease of movement.

Quick Look Features:

  • Exclusive to Cherokee: characters from Disney, Frozen, Hello Kitty and more
  • Lots of pockets
  • Side slits for comfort
  • Brings a smile to your patients’ faces!
disney scrubs medical scrubs mall
Forever Sister! Style# CK6804FZ
star wars scrubs
May The Force Be With You. Style# CK6988SR









There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to nursing scrubs, and I hope this guide helps whether you’re already a Cherokee fan or completely new to shopping for scrubs . What’s your favorite collection and why? Comment below with feedback or questions and thank you for reading!

-Sarah K

*Wash all garments thoroughly after each use. Garments featuring antimicrobial technology do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses or other disease organisms. Always follow all best practices for infection protection.

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