How to Shop For Petite Scrubs Online

There are lots of advantages to buying scrubs online: phenomenal sales, a huge variety of styles and colors, and shopping quickly and comfortably from home or on-the-go. But if there’s one draw-back it’s the fact that you can’t try the items on before purchasing, right? This is an especially important step for those who have trouble finding tops and bottoms to fit perfectly, for instance, if you fall under the “petite” category for sizing. Thankfully we have some tips in today’s blog post to make it much easier to shop for petite scrubs online!

Who Falls Under the Petite Category?

Women 5’4 or shorter fall under the “petite” category, which simply means that their proportions are probably smaller than those of standard clothing measurements. Because of this, standard-sized sleeves and hemlines will often be too long, and tops can be too boxy and swallow your frame in fabric.

How to Shop for Petite Scrubs

So, to better serve our petite customers, Medical Scrubs Mall carries a large variety of petite length scrub pants. Choosing styles from these petite selections is obviously one way to find the best fitting scrubs, but here are some more shopping tips to help you find the best fit:

  1. Know your measurements.

This is one of the best ways to find the perfect fit when you’re shopping online or in stores. Below is a great guide on how to get your exact measurements which you can then use to narrow down and select the right size for you.

Once you take your measurements, take a look at our sizing charts here. Petite inseams are listed so you can choose a brand and style that best fits your inseam, then choose your size based on your waist and hips.

medical scrubs mall size chart








2. Shop Junior fits.

Junior fits are tailored to be more fitted on the body, which can help if you’re looking for petite sizes that won’t swallow your shape. On Medical Scrubs Mall, you can find a variety of Junior fit scrubs from brands including Barco, Cherokee, Dickies, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Style guidelines

We don’t believe in depriving yourself of what you love, so if you find styles you love that don’t come in petite sizes, you can still be happy with the look by looking for these features.

  1. The Cropped Look. Look for cropped sleeves and pants that will better suite a petite height.
  1. Necklines. Ditch crewneck styles for torso-elongating V-shape and scoop necks that can make you look taller.
Cherokee WorkWear Core Stretch
Cherokee WorkWear Core Stretch
Style #4727
HeartSoul scrubs
HeartSoul Twighlight Flight Print Style #HL2784TL











3. Shopping for Prints. When shopping prints, go for smaller motifs that won’t overpower your frame.

4. High Waist. When shopping “regular” size pants, go for high waist, it’ll define your figure under all the fabric.

Looking good means feeling good and we want everyone to feel GREAT in their medical scrubs! As a petite person myself, I understand the struggle when it comes to finding the right fit, so I hope these guidelines will help more people shop for petite scrubs online.













-Sarah K

Medical Scrubs Mall Marketing & PR Coordinator


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