What excites you the most about Thanksgiving?

thanksgiving with family and friendsHere at Medical Scrubs Mall, many of our coworkers decorate their offices for the various holidays throughout the year. Well, the Halloween decorations have been taken down and replaced with fall leaves, turkeys and pilgrims. That got us thinking about the anticipation leading up to Thanksgiving. So we asked around to find out what our fellow employees are getting excited about and looking forward to at Thanksgiving:

  • The wonderful smells coming out of the kitchen as the turkey and stuffing cooks.
  • The start of the “forget about calories” time of year.
  • 4 days off to enjoy food, family and fun.
  • Pies – apple, pumpkin, pecan and sweet potato.
  • Leftovers, leftovers, leftovers….
  • Being with the whole family and some friends who join us every year.
  • ANYTHING pumpkin!!
  • Watching the Macy’s Parade with our small kids in the family room feeling their excitement.
  • Football – Thanksgiving football is somehow different than other regular football days
  • Even though we’re in South Florida, some of us do have a fireplace and light it for the first time of the year after dinner. We usually have to turn the air conditioning down to cool off the house first.
  • The Black Friday ads in the newspaper.
  • The radio stations playing Christmas music.
  • Anticipation of shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • The adults in our family draw names for Christmas gifts on Thanksgiving – fun to see who blurts out the name they got by mistake – someone does it every year and we put the names back in the hat and start again.
  • Traveling to visit family who live in areas of the US where the leaves have turned and we get to feel and see Fall in action.
  • Watching the guys do the dishes after dinner.
  • I love setting a beautiful table. I  have a few serving pieces that belonged to my mother and mother-in-law who are no longer with us and they bring back such fond memories.
  • We always take the family photo for our Christmas card on Thanksgiving.
  • Our nephew is a chef and he always surprises us with some wonderful new dishes to add to the table.
  • Every year I ask our grandson what he is thankful for and he always says “you grandma” – melts my heart every time….

What excites you the most about Thanksgiving?

thanksgiving table settings

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