Nursing Teamwork: What You Can Bring to the Table

Teamwork is an essential tool that many professionals use, in the medical world and elsewhere, to achieve goals. By feeding off each others energy, ideas, and suggestions, teams tend to accomplish more quickly and intelligently due to the contribution of ideas from the group. Good teamwork is built on a foundation of respect, cooperation, creativity, and dedication to achieve a common goal. A team works at its best when its members listen to one another and build on others ideas and suggestions. Itโ€™s this synergistic energy that makes teamwork so unique and

In nursing, teamwork is of paramount importance. In working as a team with your nursing unit, you will be sure to accomplish your tasks more efficiently and with greater ease. Your patient care will also improve as a result of your heightened work ethic. By doing your tasks efficiently and with great focus, you put yourself in a better position to help your coworkers when they need you. Reliance on yourself and your nursing unit allow you to make your team size more intimate, bringing everyone closer to a common goal in an environment that is anything but easy to take on.

Does your hospital or medical practice engage in team work in an effective way? What are some tips for nurses just starting out that can benefit from learning to practice teamwork in their unit?

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