Top 10 Nursing Apps

In the ever-expanding world of nursing, it is important to stay updated and informed on the latest breakthroughs in your field. Technology certainly plays a role during this process as you are able to check out medical journals and other useful online tools whenever the need presents itself. Some of the more practical, everyday tools that nurses can use to answer their questions while on the job (or give them additional knowledge while they are off the job!) are apps. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet, there are plenty of apps that can boost your nursing IQ and keep you at the top of your game.nurse using phone

We have found 10 helpful and informative apps that are definitely worth looking into!

  1. Medscape: Created by WebMD, Medscape is the highest rated, fastest growing, free-mobile app with over 4 million registered users. An all-encompassing app, Medscape provides the latest information on medical news in over 30 specialties, drug information, disease information, medical calculators, and continuing medical education courses. It’s no wonder that this app is so acclaimed amongst nurses and doctors alike!
  2. PALS Advisor: This app is made for nurses on the go, just like you. By following the American Heart Association’s guidelines, this app provides you with all the information you need in the case that pediatric advanced life support is needed. This “must have app” and featured app on Scrubs Magazine’s “Top 10 iPhone Apps,” PALS advisor is life-saving in the event of pulseless electrical activity, pulseless arrest, and neonatal resuscitation.
  3. NCLEX RN Mastery: This Apple friendly app allows nurses and nursing students alike to review overall knowledge, featuring NCLEX questions and practice quizzes! An amazing teaching tool and nursing resource, NCLEX RN is free!
  4. Eponyms: An app that is friendly for all smartphones, Eponyms allows nurses to look up both common and obscure medical eponyms with simple definitions of more than 1,700 eponyms.
  5. Nursing Essentials: For $5.99, this iPhone app puts valuable information about medical procedures, different drugs, mental health assessment, and many more nursing procedures right at your fingertips! Users eagerly advocate the apps, saying, “If you’re a nursing student, this app is a MUST.”
  6. Nursing Central: A free, best-selling nursing app, Nursing Central has proven to be a leader in the app community for nursing information. With a large database of 5,000 drugs, 65,000+ dictionary definition entries, and the latest disease information, this app is a godsend for nursing students and the right-hand man for practicing nurses.
  7. Epocrates: Available on all Apple handheld devices, this app is another valuable resource with a plethora of information on drugs. The app goes into detail about the interactions between drugs, insurance plan coverage for drugs, side-effects caused by drugs, and much more, making this app a quick consult for medical professionals looking for prescription information.
  8. MedPage Today: Both Android and iOS friendly, this app is your go-to source for news in the medical profession. Providing daily coverage of over 30 specialties and clear, concise summaries of each article, this app allows nurses to gain a clinical perspective on the medical news their patients might be aware of.
  9. Heart Pro III: Nurses will enjoy this detailed app devoted to the study of the heart. With an interactive, 3D image of the heart, nurses are able to see the interactions of other organs with the heart as well become aware of normal heart rhythms for patients.
  10. Nurse’s Pocket Guide: This iPhone app is essential for helping nurses determine the proper diagnosis and prognosis for 440 medical conditions associated with diagnosis. Answers are just a search away with this app!

These apps are assets to anyone in the nursing profession – no matter how far along they are in their career. With helpful tools like these to provide you with quick, informative answers, your stress is alleviated and you can become the efficient medical professional that you strive to be.

If you have any suggestions that you find useful in your career to add to our list, please let us know!


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