Rock this week in your 4th of July colored Scrubs!

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Grey’s Anatomy – Style# 41392

Some holidays have a lot of hype and take weeks of preparation. Since the 4th of July falls on a Friday this year and per usual lasts only one day, get into the American spirit starting a few days before to help rev up your coworkers for the most exciting day of the year. What’s not to love about American traditions such as barbeques, block parties, and of course, fireworks? We at hope to be a part of that memorable occasion in the days leading up to the festivities with our colorful selection of scrubs.

If you’re a passionate, dedicated nurse, then red is the color for you. Show off your American pride and caring spirit with our red scrubs. Exuding stability, energy, and vitality, red speaks volumes for your identity as an active, successful nurse. Styles from Barco Scrubs, Peaches Uniforms and Cherokee Scrubs are sure to please. This eye-catching color will display your American patriotism and nursing values in a bold, tasteful way.

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Med Couture – Style # 8403

For the brightest stars in the workplace, try our white scrubs by Grey’s Anatomy for a professional, classic, and polished look. The white color also keeps you cool during the hot summer days—and shows off your tan and complements every skin tone! We have many flattering styles in this traditional color from brands including Landau Scrubs, WonderWink Scrubs and Dickies Scrubs.

Looking for a more traditional way to show off your country’s colors? Check out this collection of navy blue scrubs featuring popular, high-quality brands that you’ve grown to love, such as Cherokee Scrubs, Med Couture Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs. This peaceful, calming, kind color is sure to reassure your patients this week leading up to the 4th.

What 4th of July color will you rock this week in your workplace? We’d love to hear!

Find WonderWink Scrubs at
WonderWink – Style # W6036

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