8 “Do it Now” Ideas for Success in the Healthcare Field

Everyone wants to be successful at whatever they do in life. But sometimes, things get in the way and impede you from achieving your goals. Often crises arise or even small, everyday distractions diminish the time you need to claim success. Take control of your life and begin to see results with these following tips:


  1. Get plenty of sleep: As hackneyed as this advice is, it is the crucial foundation for your day’s performance. A 5 Hour Energy after 4 hours of sleep might make you feel buzzed for a bit, but crashing after this short-lived high will be a nightmare that leaves you tired, distracted, and just plain out of it. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night will reward you the next day with improved focus, attitude, and health for your immune system.
  1. Eat well: Much like sleeping enough, eating properly is an often overlooked, yet highly important, aspect of personal care that sets you up to tackle a busy day. Snickers is right with their popular, “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” tagline. Unfortunately, a delicious Snickers is not the answer to satiate your appetite. Instead, bring some fruits and raw, crunchy vegetables to work with you for those moments when you need to recharge. Your body will thank you for the healthy boost.Eat-Healthy




  1. Plan your day: Taking aside a few moments in the morning or the previous night to plan your upcoming day will give you an advantage. Aware of your objectives and goals, you will enter your workplace confident and collected knowing what awaits you and being free to act when surprises come your way.plan-your-life
  1. Prioritize: “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Tackle your more time-consuming tasks before wasting time on the smaller ones. In doing this, you will have more energy to complete these demanding objectives, leaving you stress-free for other, less important jobs.

5.  Don’t be afraid to say “no”: As uncomfortable as it may be sometimes, learn to tell coworkers “no” when you are not in the position to offer your time or effort. Nursing is a demanding, exhaustive profession – your coworkers will understand if you are unable to help them because of all the things on your plate. Saying “no” can be empowering and allows you to effectively allocate your energy.

keepcalm and put your phone down

  1. Put the phone down: Sure, following your favorite celebrities on Instagram and watching your friends travel through Europe via Facebook is fun, but spending hours on end in front of the screen watching other people live their lives while you neglect to improve yours add up to a colossal waste of time. Try to curb your social media use and put that saved time into doing something productive for yourself, such as home improvement. Or just get outside and go sight-seeing around your town to refresh your body and mind!


  1. Exercise: Tragically enough, a good metabolism does not last forever. In addition to eating right, be sure to set aside at least an hour of some kind of physical activity five times per week. Whether you attend a yoga class with a friend, go on a leisurely sunset bike ride, or hit the gym, keep your body in shape to boost your health and mental acuity.
  1. Remember the “80-20 Rule”: Otherwise known as the “Pareto Principle,” this mathematical principal holds that approximately 80% of the results come from 20% of the causes. In business terms, this would mean that 80% of profit would come from 20% of buyers. So, with this in mind, focus 80% of your energy and attention into the absolutely vital 20% of everything you do, such as setting time aside for your family or getting a raise.

What do you think of these ideas and do you have any we can learn and apply to our lives?

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