Color Psychology Guide for your Medical Scrubs

How do your patients view you when you wear a particular color scrub uniform? Approachable, caring, friendly or standoffish and inattentive?  When you enter their room with a colorful scrub or one with prints, do you see and feel the effects of the scrub colors on you and your immediate environment? Colors are expressive and emotional. It can lift their spirits and they are more open and comfortable with you versus dark colors that are impersonal and cause them to not be so friendly towards you. For example, children love when you wear fun fashion pediatric scrubs like fun Disney characters such as Minnie or Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White and even Winnie the Pooh featured at Medical Scrubs Mall. It has an immediate positive and fun effect on the kids and makes their doctor or hospital visits much more bearable. If the print scrubs have pink, it means you are loving and have a nurturing and warm personality. If there are displays of orange, you convey warmth and security and are passionate.

Have fun with your colors today and silently observe how people react to you.

What are you wearing today and why? Tell us!

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