The Little Things… Do….

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The Holidays are hectic but festive! Haven’t you added 40 additional things to do on your lists? Be it…social encounters, parties, dinners, shopping, traveling, more shopping etc. But….it is also a time where a lot of people take off as it is the best time for most people to unwind at the end of the year. It is also a slow period for many companies but not for medical professionals. They do not have any downtime and have to work on weekends and holidays but whenever they are off this busy season, it can present timely opportunities to take care of some important things that may not have gotten done during the year. For instance…..

  1. Dentist appointments – have you seen your dentist for the year? Twice a year is the norm but if not, see if he or she has time on their schedule for you or if you have an appointment already, take advantage and be there. The Holidays are a popular frenzy for your pearly whites to be shown constantly!
  2. Doctor appointments – great time to see your doc for your physicals to make sure your total health is in check especially before the feasting begins that includes a lot of great food and alcohol. Remember, your “health is your wealth!”
  3. Taking care of You – in the same vein as your dentist and doctor appointments, you can take a day or split it amongst a few to pamper yourself. Go to the spa and get a massage or body scrub or facial….ahhhh….get your nails and hair done….start juicing and exercise for ½ an hour to an hour daily. Cooler air is here and a walk with your family members is refreshing and poses great bonding time! If it’s too cold, you can still exercise indoors and use your space wisely.
  4. Reinventing yourself – the time flies very quickly during the year and there may be things you have postponed. As the holidays put you into a celebratory mood and great spirits, women especially, always like getting makeovers, whether it is changing their hairstyle into a new “do,” trying new makeup techniques or experimenting with different looks for their image.
  5. Holiday “Spring” Cleaning – this time of the year always put people in a giving mood because there are those that are without and need a lot of help for items like food, toys and shelter. This is a great time to go through your closets and anything typically not worn in a year means it is good to give to another. More than likely, you will not be wearing it any time soon. If you find scrubs that can be given away, you can replace them with the latest styles at Medical Scrubs Mall. If you find toys that are still in good condition, you can bless kids with your generosity and your acts of kindness will be remembered for many years to come.
  6. Restoring your Home – do you have multiple home improvement projects that have to get done? This is the time to relax and enjoy beautifying and repairing your home.

Hope these tips help and are of value to you. Enjoy every day this season! When you are happy on the inside, you show that on the outside and make better parents, spouses, children and friends. Have a Fabulous Holiday!

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