Traveling Tips for the Holidays

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In 2012, year-end holiday travelers totaled 93,3 million according to AAA/HIS Global Insight Year-End Holidays Travel Forecast. Wow! Can only imagine what the figures will be like in the next few weeks. AAA also stated that 84.4 million travelers drove, 5.6 million flew by air and 3.3 million via train or ships.

Whichever route you are planning to take, here are some great tips:

Enjoy Comfort: Due to the long traveling periods, comfort is essential. Get yourself and your traveling companions some comfy scrubs and traveling will be lighter and freer! You can also layer for colder temperatures. Wear easy to remove shoes such as our slip-resistant medical shoes, clogs and other comfortable footwear.

Reduce Your Costs: Pack yourself some great snacks like apples, grapes, crackers, trail mixes, granola or cereal bars, cakes, chicken or tuna sandwiches, yogurt and bottles of water. If you are flying, choose airlines with low baggage costs or (even better!) those that are free! If you are driving, you can stock up on greater quantities.

Be Proactive:

Avoid peak travel dates as best as you can and book early.

Keep an extra pack of clothing and underwear in your carry-on or large purses in the event there are flight delays.

Know your airports. This can help you in navigating these large spaces of land, parking at the right terminals or if you have to collect a rental car at your destinations.

Make sure your cars have gas before you go on any trip. Time and money will be saved.

Pack a day – 2 days in advance and leave early to factor in any unforeseeable factors like huge traffic jams, car accidents, bad weather etc.

Use the internet to help you print your boarding passes in advance and for your holiday shopping, have your gifts shipped to your destinations to help with less luggage. The idea is to make life as simple as possible.

Charge your cell phones over night before you travel so that you have sufficient juice to last you on your day of traveling and keep your phone/tablet chargers with you at all times.

Carry lots of hand sanitizer, follow these simple suggestions and you will be in good shape!

Have a Great and Safe Holidays with your Friends and Family……

P.S. How much hand sanitizer do you use on a daily basis?

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