Make Work a Workout!

We all know how important it is for our health and well-being to take care of ourselves by eating right and getting daily exercise.  One of the reasons people don’t get this recommended exercise is lack of time (especially for busy health professionals in their medical uniforms!) So we’re here to show you some simple ways that you can tie mini-workouts into your existing workday routine. Let us know of your own ways that you tie in mini fitness sessions throughout the day!


  • Take a stand. Standing burns more calories than sitting, so stand when you can whether it’s talking on the phone, or going to talk to a co-worker instead of sending them an email.
  • Crank up your commute!  If you can, try biking or walking to work.  If that’s not an option, park your car farther away in the parking lot so you can get in an extra walk!  Once inside, opt for the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Combine a fitness break with lunch.  Who says your lunch break has to be spent in the break room!? Take your grub and go for a walk outside (you can also get your Vitamin D fix!) If you get a group to go, you can encourage each other and the conversation will take your mind off of the workout.
  • Switch from chair to ball.  If your day consists of sitting at a computer or desk, switch out your computer chair for a stability ball.  Sitting on the fitness ball will improve both your core muscles and balance!

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