Ready, Set, Unwind

As a medical professional who is accustomed to working nights, weekends, and holidays we’re going to guess that one thing you don’t get enough of is…relaxation!  We’re here to bring you some simple tips to bring down your stress levels in your free time (we know you’re probably laughing at that one!)


  • Start moving. Not only does exercise improve your health and reduce your chance of disease, but it is a proven technique for stress reduction.  Make it fun by taking yoga with girlfriends, your pup for a long walk, or playing games outside with your kids.
  • Take a mental vacation.  Whether your idea of the perfect afternoon is tea with a good book, or a long bath it’s crucial to make the time for yourself to give your brain a break.
  • Power in numbers.  Enlist the help of your friends, family, and co-workers to help you vent and cope with day-to-day stress.  Support systems help make overwhelming situations a little less so.
  • Wear scrubs that don’t require ironing like Dickies scrubs Xtreme Stretch.
    We’re sure you won’t have a problem filling the time slot where ironing used to be 🙂

 Be sure to comment with your own favorite relaxation technique!

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