New Year, New You!

Now that we’ve dusted off the confetti and most of us are back to work, it’s time to get serious about those New Year’s Resolutions!  Did you know these annual commitments we make to ourselves and others around us have been around since the age of the Romans?! They used to begin each year fresh by making vows to the god of January, Janus.  It is estimated that about 40% of us in today’s century make New Year’s resolutions (unfortunately it’s also estimated that about 88% of us let these promises slip in the New Year).  We’re here to share some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions with you to provide you with encouragement, or ideas if you’re still in search of one!


  1. Appreciate family and friends more
  2. Stay focused on losing weight and eating healthier
  3. Exercise regularly for better overall well-being
  4. Quit smoking cigarettes
  5. Enjoy life more, de-stress and take up more hobbies
  6. Get out of financial debt or invest/save more
  7. Quit drinking
  8. Learn a new skill
  9. Volunteer and help others around you
  10. Organize your life

Did we miss yours?  Let us know how you’re planning to better your life in 2013!

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