Happy Chanukah from Medical Scrubs Mall!

Tonight is the first night of Chanukah! For those who aren’t familiar with of the origins of the holiday, Chanukah is the celebration of the re-dedication of the holy temple in Jerusalem after the Jewish victory over the Syrian-Greeks in 165 B.C.E. It is celebrated for eight nights because, according to the story, the Jewish soldiers had enough oil for one day, and it miraculously lasted for eight. This is why the Chanukah menorah has eight main candles, to symbolize the miracle that occurred. The additional candle is normally placed higher than the others, and is called the “Shamash”, or the “worker candle”. This one is used to light all of the other candles each night. According to tradition, one additional candle is lit each night of the holiday, until, on the last night, all of the candles burn brightly.

So to all of our Jewish friends, relatives, coworkers and customers, we hope you have a very happy and healthy Chanukah this year!


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