A Healthy Way To Pig Out This Turkey Day

Medical Scrubs Mall has decided to do something a little different this Thanksgiving. If only just this once, let’s leave the stretchy pants in the drawer, and come up with a few ways to stay healthy this holiday.

  1. Eat a good breakfast – many people try to save their calorie intake for the big Thanksgiving dinner, and skip breakfast (and sometimes even lunch). However, eating a small but healthy meal in the morning gives you more control over your appetite when that big meal comes, and you won’t be famished come dinnertime.
  2. Take small portions – before filling your plate up, check out the spread. Take only what you can eat, and only the food you can’t live without (that means cut out the food that has sugar listed as its main ingredient).
  3. Just say NO to 2nds – this way, you’re less likely to overeat and you will save room for a better dessert. Leftover turkey is better the next day anyway…
  4. Slow down – put the fork down between bites, and you’ll feel satisfied with just one plate of food. Eating slower not only lets you actually taste what you’re shoveling down, but it will make you get full faster, as well.
  5. Focus on your family and friends, rather than your fork – There’s just something about this holiday that always brings back memories of sitting around the table as a child, each family member saying what they were thankful for.

And this year, Medical Scrubs Mall is thankful for its great customers! Thank you all for being you! What are you thankful for this year? Do you have any special Thanksgiving anecdotes or tips to stay healthy that you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!

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