Back to school

Well, summer’s almost over, which means it’s time for the kids to head back to school for another year. But before you go getting up early, packing lunches and getting the kids off before the school bell, they’re going to need some supplies. Be careful, however, as this can be a very expensive little outing, if you don’t plan it right. So, here’s a short list of things to do in order to get ready for the busy season and save some money while doing it.

  1. Be organized. Make a list of everything you need, and make it thorough. Take note of what you have left over from last year, and don’t double up. Nothing’s worse than buying a carload of school supplies and realizing after you get home that you forgot the glue sticks, or that you had 6 extra ones at home.
  2. Make sure the store you choose has everything on that list. Don’t waste gas driving to 4 different stores just to pick up some school supplies. Go to your neighborhood superstore (which will remain nameless), where you know they’ll have it all, and at low prices.
  3. Choose the right time to go. This is an important one. On one hand, if you go too early for the supplies, you miss all of the back to school sales. On the other hand, if you go during the sales, you risk getting trampled by all of the other parents who had the same idea. And if you wait too long, all of the supplies you need will be sold out. If you’re in Florida and don’t mind the crowds, and you’re confident that you won’t be stepped on, I’d recommend going shopping this weekend, because it’s Florida’s tax free weekend. This way, you can save some money. But again, I’d advise you to at least wear some football padding if you’re planning on going shopping this weekend.
  4. Make a budget, and involve the kids. By setting a budget, you are limiting your spending and saving money, and involving the kids will teach them to shop responsibly. It’s win/win!
  5. Check your social networks for discounts. More and more retailers have been turning to Facebook to promote their sales and discounts. Some offer coupons just for liking the page, and others do things like ask their fans to upload a photo of themselves wearing the company’s brand. Either way, it’s an easy way to save some money!

Now that you’re properly armed with knowledge, go out there and shop till you drop! And speaking of shopping and saving money, be sure to check out Medical Scrubs Mall’s new Facebook and Twitter pages for exclusive discounts and special offers!

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