Patriotic Combinations

July 4th is the one day of the year that everyone always knows exactly what they’re wearing: Red, White, and Blue. But when you’re talking about medical scrubs, the possibilities can be endless. There are countless combinations, between scrub tops, scrub pants, long sleeved shirts that go under the tops… even your shoes can be a major part of the color scheme. This is the day to show that you are a proud American, by being as red, white and blue as you can be!

It is possible to be patriotic and still stand out in the crowd. But how can you show off your individual style when everyone is wearing the same colors? It’s all about mixing, matching, and accessorizing. Mix and match your favorite style of scrubs in multiple shades of red, white and blue, and accessorize with a pair of our stylish nursing shoes (which you can also get in red, white or blue).

How many scrub combinations can you come up with to show off your American pride this Fourth of July? Here are a couple to get you started:


Urbane Women’s Double Pocket Crossover Top       Urbane Women’s Boot Cut Scrub Pant


      Women’s Anywear Zone Clog

 Another way to go would be to wear one of our patriotic scrub tops, like the ones below, which can be combined with red, white or blue scrub pants and shoes to make the outfit really pop!




Landau Women’s Wacky Wahine Red Print Empire Waist Scrub Top






Landau Women’s Wacky Wahine Print Crossover Scrub Top

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