iPads and Lab Coats

Attention, medical professionals! Do you wear lab coats to work? Do you have or want an iPad? If so, you’re in luck because the newest line of Landau Lab Coats has specially designed pockets just for your iPad!

These coats were created to protect our precious iPads as well as their owners. Made with a 65/35 poly/cotton blend, two oversized inside pockets to fit an iPad, and angled flaps to secure your pocket contents, the Landau iPad Lab Coats are the essence of functionality, design, protection and comfort all in one. In other words, you’ll look great, feel comfortable, and rest easy knowing that your iPad is safe and secure in its poly/cotton home.

If you don’t have an iPad, you’re also in luck! Why, you ask? Because you’ve still got 4 more days to enter the Medical Scrubs Mall Contest to win a brand new iPad2! So for a recap: you’ll get a FREE IPAD2 for winning our contest, and if you buy a new Landau Lab Coat with the built-in iPad pocket, you’ll save on all of those expensive iPad carrying cases that you won’t have to buy! It’s win/win! 

If you’re interested in participating in our contest to win yourself a brand new iPad2, please visit http://www.medicalscrubsmall.com/contest/ for our contest rules, entry form and voting page. But hurry, because registration ends Friday 6/24!

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