A Billion Acts for Earth Day


It’s Earth Day! You know what that means… it means it’s time to think about our environment. No, I’m not talking about the Earth; I’m talking about your work environment, and more specifically, your work attire. Earth Day is about change, and that’s exactly what Medical Scrubs Mall is all about. Don’t believe me? Check out our newly updated website at www.MedicalScrubsMall.com!

With new styles and colors coming all the time, and at huge savings like these, it’s hard to find a better buy for your work uniform needs. And, in the spirit of change, why not get yourself or your loved ones a couple of our new Cherokee Flexibles printed tops, or a brand new Grey’s Anatomy scrub top?  We’ve got hundreds of choices to select from, so go wild!

Okay, so after that shameless plug, it’s time to talk about the reason for the season, so to speak – Earth Day! This year’s Earth Day theme, according to www.earthday.org, is “A Billion Acts of Green”, meaning that this year’s campaign goal is to generate 1,000,000,000 acts of environmental service before the United Nations Earth Summit in June of 2012. Some of these acts might include planting trees, “going green”, or donating money to the cause (who will then plant a tree for every $1 donated). But not every action has to be global. There are little things you can do on your own to help. What can I do, you ask? You can start recycling, buying more fuel efficient cars, or even something small, like using both sides of a sheet of paper. Think about it: if you use 10 sheets of paper a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, that’s 2,600 sheets of paper per year! And that’s just one person! That’s a small tree! Now consider, for argument’s sake, that half of the world uses the same amount of paper as you… that’s 2,600 sheets of paper times about 3.3 billion people. That means per year, half of the planet is using 8,580,000,000,000 pieces of paper! Now start using both sides of the page, and that number gets cut in half. You’d be saving 4,290,000,000,000 sheets of paper per year – I don’t even want to think about how many trees that is!

It’s time to start being a little more conscious of our actions, and their effect on those around us. So, for Earth Day, I urge you to make a change (even a little one), and know that that small change can mean a massive effect for the rest of the world.

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