MSM Got a Facelift!

For those of you who have not checked out our site recently, Medical Scrubs Mall has a whole new look! The changes started with the homepage where we jazzed up the entire look.  First we updated the brand logos (“Oooh, Ahhhhh”) and then we added the scrolling images in the center of the page, allowing you to quickly access some of your favorite brands with just one click!

Moving on to our inside pages, we now have a Flexibles Print Scrub Tops page, a Grey’s Anatomy Scrub Tops page, and a Grey’s Anatomy Scrub Pants page, which can all be accessed directly from the navigation bar no matter where you are on our site. These pages were added due to increased demand in these brands, and do we have some great products for you here! Between our stylish and artistic Flexibles and our star-studded Grey’s Anatomy scrubs, you’re sure to find a style that is perfect for you.

Flexibles Print Scrub Tops     Grey’s Anatomy Scrub Tops    Grey’s Anatomy Scrub Pants


In addition to the aesthetic overhauls of our website, we have also instituted a Quick Help Links page. This page gives you easy access to our Return Policy, our Shipping rates and policies, our contact information, and finally, our newly added Order Status page.  You can now go online and check the status of orders you have recently placed, and find out exactly when your package will arrive at your doorstep.

So, go and check out all of our website changes and additions for yourself, and be sure to get a new set of scrubs while you’re there!

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